LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) – Kathy Jacobs, a 56-year-old Calabasas woman, made her Sports Illustrated debut as one of the models in the magazine's legendary swimsuit edition.

Kathy Jacobs, 56, made her debut this year in the legendary swimsuit edition of Sports Illustrated. (CBSLA)

"There is no expiration date for beauty and no size requirement for beauty," said Jacobs.

Jacobs was happily married for 25 years and had a daughter at the medical school. He said it was the surprise of his life to make a swimsuit.

"I had a minimum wage job about a year and a half ago. I swept the floor in Drybar because I was terrible at the computer," she said. "And then I just decided," You know, I'm going to take a few headshots and I'm going to sign up for this Sports Illustrated swimsuit search. "

"I just had this burning desire to show the world what women over 50 and in my case someone over 55 are capable of," she said.

And Jacobs hopes that her story of grit and perseverance will serve as inspiration for those who may not be in the right shape to pursue her dreams.

"It is impractical to tell someone over 50 to go to the sunset," said Jacobs. "I'm so glad Sports Illustrated sees this and they took a chance on me. I still don't believe it."

At the moment, Jacobs hopes to continue riding the unexpected wave and possibly transform it into future opportunities.

"I think I'm so outside that I'm inside, and I want to show that," she said. "That you can be whatever you are and still be a star. Old is gold. "


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