Just a week after Netflix dismissed plans to prank Chris D & # 39; Elia's allegations of sexual misconduct, actor Bryan Callen, who would have starred in the canceled comedy, is now facing some troubling sexual accusations himself.

Katherine Fiore Tigerman, 44, told the Los Angeles Times that she and Callen, 53, had been Platonic friends until he raped them at his home on the Sunset Strip in 1999. Tigerman said she felt compelled to report in June when five women went to Twitter to accuse Callen's close buddy D & # 39; Elia of being sexually inappropriate.

"My first thought was:" Will something happen to Bryan? "Tigerman recalls." When I read all the comments, I thought: Here it comes. I've known how terrible this person has been for 20 years. And maybe I'm not the only one. "

According to Tigerman, after dinner with Callen in Chaya, she felt sick and disoriented after drinking half a glass of wine. After dinner, Callen brought her home, supposedly to look for movie lists in the newspaper. Once inside, Tigerman says, Callen started kissing her, so she apologized in the bathroom.

“I remember looking in the mirror and saying, 'OK, you just have to tell him to take you home. It's not going well, ”Tigerman told The Times. "I had to sit with him and have a conversation about how we were best friends and I was in love with another guy."

Tigerman claims that when she tried to leave the bathroom, Callen grabbed her from behind and said, “Look how hot you are. You could be a Playboy Playmate. "Then she was in his bedroom, where Callen pressed her to the bed and ran his hands over her body, repeatedly saying" No "and" I am Katherine "to him. I am katherine. It's me. Please, that's not what I want to do right now. "

She claims that Callen has not stopped. "You will love that," she says, he said. "We'll just get this out of the way. You'll love it. You'll be my friend."

According to Tigerman, Callen said to her, "Oh, come on. What am I, a big bad rapist? I'm not a big bad rapist. Come on, you will be my friend now. We had to get this out of the way. "

Tigerman says that she didn't contact the police because submitting a rape set would feel too invasive, but instead told her best friend and boyfriend at the time, who both confirmed this part of Tigerman's report to the Times .

Callen, known for her recurring roles in The Goldbergs and Schooled and a number of parts in films like The Hangover and Old School, denies Tigerman's version of the night, calling her allegation of rape "demonstrably wrong" and says they have "Both." agreed to have sex. "

Another woman, Rachel Green, was working in an American Apparel store in Pittsburg in 2009 when she was touched in the dressing room by a Speedo-clad Callen.

"It was one of those tight, rough little things," she told The Times. "He ran out of the dressing room to grab something, so I went in to get the clothes he had already tried on. And then he comes in, presses me against the wall, closes the curtains, and starts to close my neck kiss when he asks me if I'm going to get into trouble. "

Green says she pushed Callen away, ran downstairs, and told her colleagues he was trying to mess with her.

"I remember not really taking it seriously, which I honestly felt guilty about for a few years," said one of Green & # 39; s employees, who spoke on condition of anonymity, told the newspaper.

Callen denies having ever forced herself on a woman.

Comedian Tiffany King says she made friends with Callen on the Hollywood Club Circuit. In 2017, she had financial problems in the middle of a divorce and was fighting for custody of her daughter when she saw Callen at the Helium Comedy Club in Pennsylvania, where she cried to Callen about her situation.

"He says," Are you taking drugs? "Tell King the Times." & # 39; I don't understand you, Tiffany. You are a really beautiful woman. But there is something that has always been wrong with you. You have to learn how to work with what you have. “When she brought Callen and his opener Steve Pearson back to their Airbnb, King said that Pearson got out two minutes from the goal and that she had once been alone with Callen, he said," How about that blowjob? "

"I'm not going to give you a blowjob for stage time," she replied.

"No," King says, Callen told her. "I'll give you some money too."

Two of King's friends say she told them the story this year, while Callen denies that he ever offered to "trade stage time for sex". Pearson insists: "We got out at the same time and went upstairs […]. He was never alone with her."

Callen said in a statement: “Let me be very clear: I have never raped, forced myself on a woman or offered to trade stage time for sex. JE. I know the truth. And all I can do is hold my head up, stay true to myself, my family, my audience and know that I will not allow the demolition culture to undermine what I know and what they know is the truth. "

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