New York MP Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, President Donald Trump and HUD Secretary Ben Carson (Getty)

New York MP Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is working to bypass the Trump administration's proposed fair living rules before they even get going.

For years, the government has been talking about dismantling an Obama era rule that President Donald Trump has described as an "attempt to abolish the suburbs." Last week, the president announced that it would finally happen to win over suburban voters.

Ocasio-Cortez is trying to thwart efforts by proposing changes to a budget that, according to Bloomberg, prohibits the use of federal funds to comply with the rules proposed by Ben Carson, Minister of Housing and Urban Development. This would effectively invalidate all of the apartment secretary's rules.

One of the competition rules – the positive promotion of fair living, a provision of the Fair Living Act – requires that state and local governments demonstrate how federal funds have been used to reduce segregation of housing. Critics have described the rule as "burdensome," and the Trump administration's plan would allow governments to certify compliance without providing evidence.

"We cannot go back to the days of redlining and white flying," said Ocasio-Cortez in a release statement. The rules particularly affect affluent suburbs, where residents often take action against large, affordable housing projects that would bring more colored people to their communities.

Secretary Carson has been working to push the rule back by easing reporting standards since joining the Trump administration. After Trump intervened, Carson's department proposed a rule that would prevent the provision from being enforced.

The second rule that the administration wants to change has to do with how HUD takes up cases where "different effects" are claimed. The change could make it more difficult for tenants and buyers to pursue complaints of discrimination under the Fair Housing Act. (Bloomberg) – Erin Hudson


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