Several bushfires have broken out in the region in recent days as dry, hot weather contributes to the conditions of the igniter box. A warning of excessive heat remains in effect throughout the weekend, which means that the risk of more and larger fires is high. To keep an eye on current events, be sure to consult these resources for fire protection cards. However, note that while they provide the best information available, they should not be used in place of instructions from local authorities.

Google Crisis Response Team fire map

The Google Crisis Response Team map shows the location of the source of the fire, the evacuation orders and the traffic conditions in and outside of these areas. This is the best choice for a quick check of road closures and other updates.

Wildfire Early Notification Map by the NAPSG Foundation

This interactive mapping project relies on several different data sources to create a multi-layered picture of forest fire activity, tabulating everything from crowdsourcing locations to the detection of NASA satellite hotspots.

Overview of CalFire incidents

The California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection also has an extremely helpful interactive map on its website that shows the location of current fires and the percentage of containment.

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