Governor Gavin Newsom (Photo Credit: Anda Chu / MediaNews Group / The Mercury News via Getty Images)

California Governor Gavin Newsom is reincorporating part of the state economy as coronavirus cases are increasing.

The governor announced at a press conference on Monday that he would not turn off the economy but operate a "dimmer switch", including banning eating in restaurants and other indoor activities in wineries, cinemas, zoos, museums and card rooms.

In addition, all reopened California bars will be closed.

The governor's executive action will also block indoor activities in malls, gyms, services, barbershops and salons in counties where a higher rate of coronavirus infections has been demonstrated.

Newsom admitted that these “surveillance areas” make up 80 percent of the California population and include Los Angeles County.

News agencies like KTLA-5 Los Angeles uploaded Newsom's press conference to YouTube.

Monday's announcement comes after the first month of easing business restrictions associated with exploding coronavirus cases.

Newsom noted that 8,358 new cases were registered in California on Sunday – or more than double the number in the Golden State on June 12 (3,660).

Newsom's announcement – and the sharp rise in coronavirus infections that lead to it – is another big setback for numerous California industries, including retail rental companies and tenants dealing with missed rental payments, falling earnings, and even vandalism.

The LA County retail and restaurant restaurant reopened in early June. The Executive Order indicates that take away and roadside pickup can continue at these companies.

One real estate sector that may not be affected is real estate sellers and their brokers. The open house ban has never been lifted, and Newsom's order does not appear to have any effect on house or building screenings that are privately held.

Newsom announced for the first time in the third week of March that the state economy would be largely shut down. The state legislature has empowered Newsom to make these decisions unilaterally by declaring California an "emergency." (KTLA) – Matthew Blake


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