Officials from CIF, the governing body for university sports, postpone the start of the university sports season to December due to the corona virus.

High school coaches from all over Southern California breathe a sigh of relief because there is hope.

"Well, I think we all saw it coming," said Mark Ziegenhagen, head coach of Long Beach Wilson.

Mater Dei's head coach, Bruce Rollinson, added: "I'm just glad someone made a decision."

But questions remain.

"If we start and just say someone is exposed to it, what will they do?" Ziegenhagen said. "Quarantine the football team for two weeks and then what do we have to lose two games for two weeks?"

With LA County's public health department approving the season, exercises begin on December 14 and games begin on January 8.

"There are a lot of things that need to be worked out," said Shane Cox, Fairfax Athletic Director and CIF LA City Section Football Coordinator.

While CIF officials are working out details for a safe return to the game, coaches like Pete Duffy from Rancho Verde will try to adapt to this virtual new normal for high school football.

"After we set an appointment, we will step up the zoom meetings," he said. "Basically positioning meetings and communication with the coaches and players."

The three coaches are trying to stay optimistic as coronavirus cases in Southern California increase. Rollinson calls 2020 the year of the asterisks and is optimistic that the late football season will take place.

"I probably have to prepare for my sixth calendar, but we're going to play soccer," he said.

Ziegenhagen is preparing for both results.

"I am parents of my own children and 100 other children in the [soccer] program," he said. "[We] inform the children and do what we can to keep a little light in the tunnel."


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