LOS ANGELES – There is no schedule yet for the reopening of the Los Angeles Unified School District campus due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The district may need to strike a balance between online and face-to-face teaching for the next school year, which begins in August 18.

That was the word from Superintendent Austin Beutner on July 6th.

"With a view to the beginning of a new school year, the challenge is to build on the foundation that has been created in the past few months and to use the knowledge to offer the best possible education to the students," said Beutner during his studies weekly corona virus briefing.

In order for students to be adequately educated, the new school year must include a regular schedule, attendance, live daily classes, and other requirements, Beutner added.

Over the next school year, every headmaster will be regularly informed of their plans to reopen and provide education, and community administrators will hold town hall meetings on a regular basis to discuss issues related to the new school year, Beutner said.

"If this sounds like ambitious expectations, they are and they are necessary," said Beutner. "COVID-19 continues to be a real threat to all of the communities we serve, and it doesn't look like this will change soon." We have to do our best to adapt to the challenges involved. "

A team is working to simplify the technology teachers who were used to teach online at the end of the last school year, said the superintendent.

We knew we were going to unknown waters, ”said Beutner. “Students and their families had to be trained in using these tools, as well as the many different communication and educational technologies that are part of an online education. Teachers were asked to adjust lesson plans based on class practically overnight to somehow complete the final months of online school. "

At the start of the pandemic, support workers had to be trained and integrated into online tuition, and the methods of catering to families and supporting mental health had to be "rebuilt" so that they could continue to work even after school facilities were closed, Beutner said.

The district's PBS education program has been viewed by more than 200,000 people, Beutner said, and a "record" number of students, approximately 125,000, participate in summer school programs online.

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