LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) – After several delays due to the pandemic, Christopher Nolan's time-consuming thriller "Tenet" has another new release date.

A still from the upcoming film "Tenet". (Melinda Sue Gordon / Warner Bros.)

Warner Bros. announced Tuesday that Tenet would open internationally on August 26 and in select US theaters on September 3, just before Labor Day Weekend.

The release of "Tenet" is significant as it will be the first major theatrical release since the pandemic to close theater in the United States and much of the world in mid-March.

The news comes after Warner Bros. said last week that the release has been postponed indefinitely, which is the fourth such delay for the film, which was originally scheduled for July 15.

It was delayed two weeks until July 31, then again until August 12 before the last delay.

However, it remains unclear whether the theaters in Los Angeles will be open until September. California Governor Gavin Newsom initially granted permission to resume production and reopen cinemas on June 12, but at the discretion of each district.

L.A. County did not give its theaters the green light to reopen.

However, it didn't matter since Newsom was forced to reverse the course. On July 1, he ordered cinemas in 19 counties, including LA, to be closed for at least three weeks because of the surge in cases.

On July 13, Newsom ordered indoor operations in restaurants, bars, gyms, churches, malls, and other locations in 30 states across the state, including Los Angeles, to be shut down to slow down the spread of the disease.

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The increase in coronavirus cases has forced nationwide struggling cinema chains like AMC to delay their reopening, and as a result, the blockbuster summer season, which should be partially saved by large tent poles like "Tenet," has been virtually canceled. and Disney's "Mulan".


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