According to a LAPD spokesman, three people were detained and two were quoted on Saturday afternoon in front of Mayor Eric Garcetti's house in Windsor Square, where hundreds of protesters gathered to demand the mayor's rents be canceled.

Joshua Rubenstein of the Los Angeles Police Department said one person was arrested on suspicion of a policeman’s battery, a second on suspicion of opposing the arrest, and a third on suspicion of trying to rescue a detainee.

In addition, two others were cited and released as "pedestrians on a street," said Rubenstein.

Rubenstein said that towards the end of a largely peaceful demonstration, some people continued to block parts of the roadway, "creating a dangerous situation," and officials began to enforce traffic laws after warnings.

"When one of the traffic violators was stopped and told that he was going to be cited, a police officer battery was found and the offender was detained," Rubenstein said in a statement. "Other suspects became aware of the detention by the officers and tried to surround the officers. Further attacks were carried out against additional officers."

Demonstrators at Saturday's event said one of the detainees was a teenager who dangled a donut from a string in front of officials. Ian Carr, an organizer of the progressive group Ground Game LA, said that officials roughly grabbed and handled the teenager after running backwards from them, and then held the teenager in the back of a vehicle. Carr said he hadn't seen the teenager hurt any officers.

"People shouted that he was epileptic," said Jordan Blakeman, a protester who writes for the Knock.LA website associated with Ground Game LA. "He was absolutely hurt from the height of his screaming."

Protester Devon Young said that she and her friends started filming what happened to the teenager before they were arrested. Young said that one of her friends was beaten with batons and that one day an officer knelt on the back of her neck and then vomited. They were loaded into a van with a third friend before Young was released with a quote, she said.

Young said that her two friends who were detained were not violent towards officials. "I have everything in the film – and the only thing I have is that the police brutalize her," she said.

Rubenstein said in his statement that attacks on officers "caused the reaction of additional officers to bring the situation under control". The detainees were taken to the LAPD Olympic station, Rubenstein said.

A Garcetti spokesman did not immediately comment on the demonstration or arrests on Saturday.

Saturday's demonstration was the last in a series of protests outside Garcetti's house. Demonstrators from the People's City Council, which includes activists from groups such as the Los Angeles Tenants Union, Ktown for All, and NOlympics LA, have attached banners and signs, and caused Mariachi musicians to play in front of the Mayor's residence, and demanded that the city be banned in general impose rents on evictions and command hotels for the homeless.

During the protest, activists posted a "3-day notice to cancel or cancel the rental" at a gate in front of the house. At one point, protesters blocked a nearby section of Wilshire Boulevard, according to videos of the event posted on Twitter.

Tenant rights activists have asked city guides to take additional measures to prevent people from losing their homes and falling into homelessness. They fear a wave of evictions as the expanded unemployment benefit expires. The state judicial system is considering lifting its emergency restrictions on eviction cases later this month.

The law firm of the city of Los Angeles has warned of the cancellation of rents and advised the councilors in a memo that this would violate the law and could cost the city more than $ 1 billion in landlord compensation. The council narrowly voted against a more extensive eviction ban in April after a city lawyer argued that it was unlikely to survive in court.

The Times employee, Liam Dillon, contributed to this report.


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