An incident that sparked protests in a downtown bar last summer has resulted in hate crime charges against a man accused of threatening three Latinx transgender women.

On August 23, 2019, a group gathered after a downtown pride event in the popular Mezcal bar Las Perlas was reportedly approached by a heterosexual couple who allegedly blurred the trans women and told them in Spanish: "You are all guys." And called them "fagots". According to prosecutor Mike Feuer, the accused Eduardo Gonzalez also reportedly threatened to return a weapon.

When an argument broke out, the women and a friend were violently kicked out of the bar by security guards, which led to a demonstration outside the bar the next day.

On Friday, Gonzalez was charged with a crime of making a criminal threat and a crime of making a criminal threat that was a hate crime. "Hatred of transgender people has no place in our society," Feuer said in a statement. “Transgender people, especially colored transgender people, are already exposed to an indescribable risk of violence. The perpetrators must be held accountable. "

The victims are represented by prominent lawyer Lisa Bloom, who applauded fire for filing hate crime charges.

Many thanks to Prosecutor Mike Feuer, who filed these important hate crime charges against the transphobic man who threatened the lives of my clients, three transgender women.

Khloe, Fernanda and Jennifer, your courage and persistence have brought us so far. Proud to fight for you.

– Lisa Bloom (@LisaBloom), July 20, 2020

At the time of the incident, demonstrators were disappointed with the way security forces handled the incident and called for a boycott of Las Perlas. The victims said they asked management to call 911 and were ignored. A spokesman for the bar subsequently apologized and wrote on Facebook: “Our first priority was to create a safe place for everyone from day one. Period, no exceptions. We regret that this did not happen on Friday evening and would like to apologize to all of our guests, including the transgender community, a community that has come to and works in our bar. "

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