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Mental health is an important issue. It will become even more evident in 2020 as the pandemic impacts the livelihoods and mental health of people who have never experienced such problems before.

While therapy and counseling are always good options, some people don't have the money or the need to get into therapy. Still, everyone can benefit from positive mental health advice, whether from a good friend or social media.

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Today there are hundreds of artists, therapists, and writers offering in-depth mental health advice in accessible places. These social media accounts are available to you at all times whether you are feeling sick or just bumping into them as you scroll through your feed.

The Huffington Post has compiled a list of popular social media personalities who provide reliable and informative advice on mental health. Here are 5 of our favorites:

Yung Pueblo

Yung Pueblo, whose real name is Diego Perez, is a poet and orator. He is very vocal about mental health, giving advice on everything from relationships to personal growth to emotional management. He has over 930,000 followers and his posts are clean and text-based. This is good for people who don't want to add visual clutter to their feeds.

Hannah Daisy

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Make Daisy Chains is a kind of social media account that has all sorts of followers, from those interested in the beautiful artwork to those looking for in-depth mental health advice. She deals with topics such as depression, anxiety and self-care, and advises people who deal with all sorts of topics.

Lauren Ash

Lauren Ash is the founder of Black Girl In Om, a yoga community for black and colored women. Ash's Instagram page features digital workshops and insights into her wellness, meditation, and journaling practices that provide viewers with helpful tools during uncertain and stressful times.

Rodrick Covington

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Rodrick Convington is an actor and fitness instructor best known for his work at Core Rhythm Fitness, a company that is all about changing your health through your diet. His Instagram page is full of informative and inspiring posts that provide updates on Black Lives Matter, his personal stories, and advice on fitness and mindfulness.

Notes from your therapist

Notes from Your Therapist is another popular Instagram page. The author of this, Allyson Dinneen, is a psychologist and writer who writes thoughtful advice and uploads pictures of it online. Her advice ranges from commenting on friendships, relationships, personal anecdotes, quotes she loves, to flash memoirs.

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