“So far, the California firestorms have claimed at least 12 lives and 3,900 buildings. The August fire is already the largest in the state's history. (Los Angeles times)

“The LA County Sheriff's MPs shot a man in Compton Thursday morning. The officers were serving a search warrant on a property when they claim the object of the search warrant was fired at them. (Los Angeles times)

“A three-judge court blocked the implementation of a White House memo that would have changed the way undocumented immigrants are counted in the US census. The memo would have excluded undocumented persons from the census used to determine the allocation of congressional seats. (NPR)

“LA County schools probably won't start personal lessons until November. In a conference call with educators, Dr. Barbara Ferrer, she doesn't “realistically” expect to push ahead with a reopening plan before this date. (CBS Los Angeles)

“The CEO of a local environmental consultancy is said to have been captured on surveillance cameras that mercilessly beat his four-month-old puppy. The incident was reported by a concierge at the man's building in Santa Monica, who reported that he could hear the dog screaming and screaming. (Daily Mail)


“Donald Trump's white fear policy has roots in Southern California From the apocalyptic rhetoric of the Claremont Institute to Stephen Miller's anti-immigration zeal, the right-wing's most controversial message has a long legacy in the region

»Another LGBTQ + nightlife destination fell victim to the pandemic Rage Nightclub is the latest in a series of permanent closings for the once bustling local scene

“The Venice Film Festival was a feast for eyes starved of the red carpet A look at the trends in what may be the only major industry event of the year


"Jimmy Carter: Rock & Roll President"

W.Hat to stream this weekend

If you stay home safe, we'll have a lot to see. Go for something more contemporary like An Inconvenient Truth: Truth To Power, or enjoy the new documentary Jimmy Carter: Rock & Roll President.


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