The coronavirus crisis has now caused 6,000 deaths in Los Angeles County, a new milestone as public health officials reiterated warnings on Saturday to prevent "high risk of COVID-19 spreading into the community" by avoiding the crowds and the Labor Day weekend with their own members celebrate household.

Public health officials confirmed 24 new deaths, most of them in people 65 and older with underlying health conditions. The number of new cases was 1,196, bringing the cumulative count for the county to 247,542. There are currently 984 people in the hospital with 32% confirmed cases in the intensive care unit.

Latinos made up 51% of the deceased, with whites making up 24%, Asians 15%, blacks 10%, and Pacific Islanders making up less than 1%. This is evident from data on race and ethnicity, which were available in 5,642 cases.

"Every day we join those who mourn COVID-19 and we keep those who mourn in our thoughts and prayers," Barbara Ferrer, LA county director of public health, said in a statement. "Unfortunately, today marks another devastating low point for LA County as we acknowledge that 6,000 residents have lost their lives to COVID-19."

When Southern Californians took to the beaches to escape a record heat wave, health officials urged people to dodge crowds, use their own paraphernalia, wear face covers out of the water, and physically distance themselves from those outside their group.

"Any overcrowded space – even outdoors – can harbor health and safety risks," the statement said.

Of 20 deaths reported with ages on Saturday, half of those over 80 were affected, four were between 65 and 79 years old and six were between 50 and 64 years old.

Test results are available for 2,360,795 people, with 10% being positive.


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