Chillicothe, OH – Anchor Addiction and Wellness Center helps clients recover from mild or severe opioid addiction. The suboxone clinic offers outpatient treatments, including medication management, counseling, crisis intervention, and case management. 

They have created a welcoming, supportive, and confidential environment for clients who want to recover but lack the time or resources to check into an inpatient facility. They also cater to the needs of those discharged from an inpatient facility and want to reduce the risk of relapse. 

At the suboxone clinic Chillicothe, the medical team understands the crucial role medication plays in helping clients recover from opioid addiction. They recognize that many individuals struggle to quit opioids due to the intense crash they experience when they suddenly stop using the substance.

To address this challenge, the center provides Buprenorphine and Naloxone in Suboxone to their clients. These drugs are dispensed to help the body adjust to lower doses of opioids, resulting in milder withdrawal symptoms and cravings. Over time, the controlled dose of the medication helps the client’s brain break the dependence on narcotic medication.

In addition to medication, Anchor Addiction and Wellness Center provides individual and group counseling. The counselor creates a safe space to discuss problems and develop practical solutions. The individual counseling sessions focus on helping clients manage stress without substance abuse, and they impart new skills to fix damaged relationships and improve the quality of friendships. The counselor delves deep into assisting clients in understanding why they use opioids and learning healthy habits to start practicing. In group sessions, clients share inspiring stories for motivation. The counselor guides them in forming social bonds between themselves with a sense of hope and optimism.

Anchor Addiction and Wellness Center’s crisis management department helps clients experiencing deep emotional, mental, or behavioral distress from opioid use. The service is conducted by certified counselors who focus mainly on helping the client through the stressful situation rather than treating the addiction. They calm the patient and put them in a better headspace before they begin the addiction treatment program. Crisis intervention is short-term and immediate to offer stability. 

A quote from the addiction treatment center’s website stated this about their services, 

“We work with trusted counselors to provide you a safe haven where you can discuss drug addiction hold on your life and find healthier ways to cope and move forward. Meeting basic human needs is a must to us. So we  will assist and support individuals in accessing medical, social, educational, and other essential services.”

Access to affordable care and support is essential in the recovery process. When individuals have the necessary resources and support to address their addiction, they are more likely to achieve long-term success in their recovery. The suboxone clinic in Chillicothe recognizes the importance of this and is committed to providing accessible and affordable care to all who need it. To ensure that cost does not serve as a barrier to treatment, the suboxone clinic accepts Medicaid and most healthcare plans.

Anchor Addiction and Wellness Center is located at 3 Medical Dr, Chillicothe, OH, 45601, US. Contact the center at 740-779-6612. 

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