An anonymous source who claims to have worked as a housekeeper at Ellen DeGeneres' Montecito mansion claims the environment is toxic, demanding and is directly monitored by DeGeneres, who, the former employee claims, "enjoyed it" Dismiss assistants for minor errors. The worker shared her memories with the British tabloid The Daily Mail.

The alleged employee claims DeGeneres has elaborated, extremely specific rules for its employees, including that certain foods can only be served in certain bowls, household items must be placed in precise locations, and their latte must be foamed exactly to their taste. Failure to meet these expectations would result in immediate dismissal so that employees were constantly afraid for their jobs.

DeGengeres would even leave what they refer to as "traps" for staff to trigger, such as deliberately placing a matchstick behind a closet door to confirm every inch of the property was dusted daily, the source said.

"I believe someone's real personality comes out at home," the former worker told the Daily Mail. "Ellen was the worst person I have ever met in my life. She enjoys firing people."

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