San Ramon, CA – Natural alternatives such as therapeutic massages and movement reconditioning therapies are increasingly preferred over conventional medicine options for pain treatment. These alternatives offer a minimally invasive and less risky approach, with no harmful side effects. Therapeutic massages and movement reconditioning therapies stimulate the body’s natural healing process and improve circulation, making them effective in treating various pain conditions. MedicinEvolution Bodywork Beyond Massage in San Ramon, California, offers world-class natural pain treatments, providing residents access to safe, effective, and less risky options for treating pain.

Individuals looking to experience the benefits of bodywork: novel movement coaching, and neuroscience in and around San Ramon can trust the professionals at MedicinEvolution Bodywork Beyond Massage. While suitable for individuals of all ages and virtually every profession, the therapies provided at the center are increasingly popular among athletes for their obvious advantages over surgeries and analgesics. Athletes understand that time away from the field could affect their careers; with surgeries, an extended downtime is foreseeable. By seeking the service of a top sports massage therapist at the center, they can enjoy quick recovery and long-lasting solutions.

To guarantee each patient the best possible care for their specific conditions, the bodywork specialists at MedicinEvolution Bodywork Beyond Massage emphasize providing highly individualized therapies in every case. They focus on getting every patient back to their pre-injury conditions fast while minimizing the chances of re-injury recurrence. To achieve this goal, they focus on identifying and addressing all the underlying causative factors for each patient’s problems instead of only dealing with their symptoms (often pain and mobility limitations). This results-driven approach to therapeutic care is among the many reasons MedicinEvolution Bodywork Beyond Massage remains ahead of many local and regional near-peers. 

“Chris is a pro and a true healer!” admitted one impressed patient. “He has an amazing understanding of the human body both intuitively and technically, and he is very passionate about what he does! I could only see Chris twice because I met him not long before I moved out of state, but even in that short time, he drastically improved the chronic pain I’ve had in my right shoulder for the last two years. He not only alleviated the pain during the sessions but gave me valuable feedback on my posture and body ‘habits’ that were aggravating the problem, which I could use to continue the work on my own.”

To give each patient confidence in their services, the treatment providers start every process with a complimentary, 15-minute, no-obligation phone consultation. During this session, they gather information about each patient’s condition and explain possible treatment options. If a patient expresses interest, the center schedules a movement assessment and strategy session for a complete evaluation, allowing them to recommend the best course of action. For those interested in learning more about their services, information can be found on the center’s website. Alternatively, they can contact one of their representatives at (925) 922-2246 to book a free phone consultation. MedicinEvolution Bodywork Beyond Massage is located at 4 Crow Canyon Ct Suite 150, San Ramon, CA, 94583, USA. 

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