Bonita Springs, FL – Ruffgers Dog University – Bonita Springs Dog Training & Boarding have solutions for dog owners who wish to train their pets or have someone look after them while they are away. The dog trainers have a series of classes for all types and sizes of dogs ranging from puppies to guard dogs. They tailor the dog training to individual needs and can train both the dog and owner simultaneously. Some classes are held per hour, while other intensive pieces of training require the dog to stay at the facility over time to avoid distractions. 

The pet trainer’s portfolio of services includes basic puppy and dog obedience, competition dog sports, and private in-home training. The training is classified into Foundation 1 and 2, Novice, Master, and Puppy Agility. The obedience classes focus on pet manners, socialization, exercises, sitting, standing, loose leash walking, hand touch, heel position, and much more.  The dog trainer helps dogs develop self-control through relaxation methods that most reactive dogs find challenging. 

The trainer has a dog boarding service that doubles as a dog daycare center for all days of the week except Sundays. They have a modern, clean, and safe facility with an at-home feel. Each dog gets its own dog bed in the luxury campus housing. It has indoor and outdoor play areas, and the dog sitters have expertise in different backgrounds of the animal industry. The center has a Residence Hall with a home-like layout and comfortable, non-traditional kennel spaces. 

The dog daycare center has classes for teams that are yet to compete and those that are already competing. They offer Novice Agility classes for teams working on coursework and learning new handling systems. Their Master Agility classes help competing dogs sharpen their skills and learn new ones needed for new levels of competition. One of their experienced dog trainers holds the sessions and identifies each dog’s trigger to ensure counterconditioning and desensitization. 

The pet trainer provides private obedience and agility lessons to clients needing one-on-one time. The trainer eliminates all distractions during the session, which takes 30 minutes to an hour. With these measures, they get more work done and have time to inform the dog owner of any arising issues pertaining to their pet. The sessions can focus on diverse issues, including nutrition, crate or potty training, puppy etiquette, enrichment, and resource guarding. 

A quote from the company website states this about their services, 

“Our staff have extensive experience and knowledge in canine behavior and training to accommodate your individual needs for you and your canine companion. We offer a variety of classes and services.”

Contact the staff at (239) 317-2006 to consult or book an appointment. Visit the company website for more information on dog training and boarding services. Ruffgers Dog University – Bonita Springs Dog Training & Boarding is located at 16355 Vanderbilt Drive, Bonita Springs, FL, 34134, US.

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