BALBOA PARK (CBSLA) – Los Angeles film production is gradually returning after it was shut down in March due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The number of film approvals submitted in August was almost 40% higher than in July. But in the age of COVID-19 it looks a little different.

New daily protocols for many sets include daily temperature tests, two to three COVID-19 tests per week, social distancing, and mandatory masks.

This was the case on the set of "The 2nd," which wrapped production in July.

Brian Skiba, director of "The 2nd" (CBSLA)

"It always gave you the assurance that everyone on the crew tested negative," said director Brian Skiba.

He said the security measures were set based on guidelines from the Screen Actors Guild, which only apply to union admissions.

"We actually know a couple of filmmakers in Phoenix who just went out and shot, and they really didn't follow the guidelines," he said. "Five of them got sick."

The film is currently available through streaming services like iTunes and Amazon Prime, as it was released last week when theaters were still closed in parts of the country.

Laurie Love, actress (CBSLA)

"I think the worst part about a film release at this point is not the premiere," said Laurie Love, who stars in the film. "They want to celebrate the crew and what everyone did."

Still, Love said she was grateful for the security measures on set and beyond.

"Otherwise I wouldn't have done it," she said.

With some productions returning in Southern California, another promising sign: Orange County announced Tuesday that limited capacity theaters would be allowed to reopen.


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