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The glorious mountains of the Pacific Northwest drew Sylvia Cate to Portland, Oregon. She spent years climbing mountains and hiking for miles through the wilderness. Although the retired city planner has hung up her mountaineering gear, she credits CBD issues for staying on the trails.

"Tendonitis. Arthritis. Metatarsal problems. “She ticks off the pain issues that slowed her down before discovering CBD issues. “Now I only drink my feet in CBD lotion and in my hiking boots. My last hike was eight miles! "

Cate's experience of using CBD to stay in shape isn't unique. Ellyn Ford, President of CBD Revolution, comments, "We started making cannabis themes for our own pain." In her assessment, "The Baby Boom is a generation of aging weekend warriors, and we are all looking for relief so we can stay in the game."

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Exercise is a key to longevity. However, a senior's body is no longer as strong as it used to be, which can make exercising painful. However, Steven Phan, co-founder of Come Back Daily CBD, notes that using cannabidiol (CBD) as a topical remedy can help them overcome some of these obstacles. "By interacting with our endocannabinoid system, CBD can be effective as an option for pain relief."

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Philip Blair, M.D., agrees. “The cool thing about CBD for seniors is how it can improve joint function before exercise and cause muscle pain afterwards. A side effect is a good night's sleep and a better mood. "

Trista Okel, Founder and CEO of Empower BodyCare, suggests seniors can use CBD-infused topical products to reduce discomfort and inflammation caused by exercise. She notes, "I've heard from more than one senior that topical CBD products allow faster recovery time, more mobility, and less overall discomfort."

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Okel recommends sticking to topical CBD products with 3.5 mg / ml and more. In deciding which current CBD products to buy, she strongly recommends never buying CBD products that do not have the Certificates of Analysis (also known as "test results") for each batch of products available on the company's website.

For seniors who want to use CBD tinctures, gel caps, and other internally consumed CBD products, Phan recommends checking with a doctor beforehand. "Seniors should consult their doctor before taking CBD like a sublingual oil when using prescription drugs."

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