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For those with social anxiety who prefer to be alone or in the company of a small group of close friends, social situations involving a large group of people can be very stressful.

Whenever Cyn Marts, a Portland cannabis writer and editor, has to spend more than a few minutes at a party, group activity, or public event, smoking beforehand allows her to actually experience and enjoy something rather than her social fears and hers Panic allowing disorder to keep all senses on alert. Cannabis can attenuate the background noise that your senses can perceive all around you.

While she likes flowers for the immediate effects, as well as the ritual of rolling, lighting, and smoking a joint, if discretion is important, she will use a vape or 10-30 mg of an edible. She looks for calming strains that aren't too heavy, like Strawberry Cough and Purple Hindu Kush. But when she needs to stay energized, she prefers Cinex, which she says "tastes cinnamon-like and feels like I'm having a cup of coffee".

As with Cyn, some of Collen King's introverted traits are due to her hypersensitivity, where she can be overwhelmed by any stimulus. King, who operates strategic sourcing for cannabis and specialty coffees, notes that consuming cannabis before a social event can help reduce her anxiety and make it easier for her to interact with people. "With cannabis," says King, "I'm more patient and less analytical. Sometimes I feel like I have a superpower because I can do things that I honestly would never try without the help of cannabis."

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Her favorite strains are Peanut Butter Breath, Harletsu, and Kosher Kush. With the exception of family events, she smokes half a gram of joint all evening. When she's with the family on vacation, she takes 10 mg of edible for a very chilly evening, but increases the dosage to 20 mg when people are drinking.

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Tyler Hurst, a 40-year-old copywriter for Item 9 Labs and moderator of the Arizona Yagé Assembly, can easily be inundated with information to sensory overload. He cannabis and ceremonial psychedelics designed to help him deal with PTSD made things worse by pretending to be an extrovert for most of his life.

His typical method of choice is to have a low-dose edible before an event (1: 1 is best) and then have a heady dab or two on the sativa side when it arrives. He can share a joint that will allow him to focus on smoking and be a little more social. After 30-45 minutes he can dab again. His favorite strains include Durban Poison, Jack Herer, and Candyland. He also likes Delta 8 as a comforting option.

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For him, cannabis works better than his previous options. "Unlike caffeine, it doesn't give me hours of energy to later treat as a deficit. It's better than alcohol because it doesn't change my personality, and immensely better than sobering because it allows me to adjust to it what I want while adjusting to what I don't, just like good noise canceling headphones. "


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