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At this point, most of us understand the importance of wearing face masks and wearing them in public places. As you walk down the street, you are likely to come across some people who are not wearing masks or inexplicably have their masks around their wrists. It is natural to get angry with this type of behavior. When it comes to friends and family who commit such acts, staying impartial and avoiding an outbreak is a challenge.

The reasons people don't wear their masks vary from politics to laziness to wanting not to mess with their makeup. While it feels great to reach out to a friend or relative who is avoiding the face mask, if you let your emotions control you, your efforts will likely not be effective.

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"When you bully, threaten, or make someone guilty in order to change yourself, in the worst case scenario, you invoke primeval defenses that result in aggression," says Dr. Daryl Appleton to Men’s Health. “Fear will keep the mind closed in general. When we invest deeply in an emotion our whole body and mind feel it, and admitting that we are wrong or need to change can be an incredibly scary thing. "

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If you feel like you should be doing more to educate others (or if people who don't wear masks are just really annoying you), preparing for a discussion is important. Like most arguments related to political ideologies and moral differences, you most likely will not be able to fully influence them. However, if you properly address these issues, you may end up in a place of understanding, a hub where both people arrive where the other comes from.

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When discussing the problem with a loved one, try to come from a place of respect and think about why you care about that person. Appeal and show them unbiased opinions about why masks work, scientific facts that support social distancing, and why it is important to take care of yourself and others. Express how their behavior makes you feel and how you feel more secure if you are more careful with their safety practices. Do your best to keep your judgment to yourself, even if it's incredibly difficult.


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