(CBSLA) – The Los Angeles Dodgers won another extra inning game on Wednesday night, beating the Arizona Diamondbacks 6-4 in 10 innings. The win improved the team's record that season to 5-1 in extra inning matters. But there is one team member who isn't a huge fan of how the league is handling extra innings this season.

"It's not real baseball," Kershaw told reporters on Wednesday. "But it's good for this year and I hope we never do it again."

The rule Kershaw complains about was introduced this year and puts a runner on second base to start each extra inning. In theory, the goal is to reduce the length of games by instantly putting a runner in the goal position, which will make it easier to score and possibly win.

Kershaw started Wednesday with just five innings and four runs, three of them with four hits. While Kershaw is not a fan of the new rule, his manager Dave Roberts told reporters that he was impressed with the way the rule was implemented and the game strategy changed.

"I didn't know how it would turn out and how it would be received but since we had some runs with it I really like it. I think it really shortens the game. It adds strategy for the fans, the managers, the players added, "said Roberts." I think it's going pretty well and our guys did a really good job in this situation. I like it all the time. I don't like it for the postseason. "

The league announced in July that the extra innings rule would only apply to the regular season, so Roberts gets his request on that front. After winning on Wednesday night, the Dodgers have improved to the top 32-12 in the league and are 4.5 games on the Padres in the NL West Division.


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