Kawhi Leonard completed an assist before his first playoff triple double and the Los Angeles Clippers defeated the Denver Nuggets 96-85 in Game 4 on Wednesday night to get one step closer to their first Western Conference final.

Leonard filled the statistics sheet with 30 points, 11 rebounds, four steals and two blocked shots. He has scored 30 or more points six times this postseason.

Reserve Montrezl Harrell added 15 points to help the Clippers take a 3-1 lead. You can close the nuggets on Friday evening.

After Los Angeles built an 18-point lead in the second quarter, Denver stormed back and tied it with 48 points early in the third quarter. The Clippers responded with a 21-5 run to achieve some separation.

Nikola Jokic had 26 points and 11 boards for a Nuggets team that is in an all-too-familiar situation. They were down in their first round against Utah before becoming the 12th team in NBA history to break a 3-1 deficit.

Los Angeles relied on excellent defense, holding Denver 39.7% while shooting and forcing three shot clock violations. The nuggets never resulted in the game.

One of the defensive leaders was Paul George, who helped Jamal Murray with 6-of-15 and 18 points. George scored 10 points in almost 27 minutes while dealing with nasty issues.

"We knew that when we got him," said Clippers coach Doc Rivers of George's defensive tenacity. "With P.G. it gets lost sometimes because he's such a great shooter. The better you are, the more people forget how good you are defensive. "

There was a slight build-up of dust in the middle of the fourth quarter when Jokic fell to the ground after feeling like he was fouled. When he got up he grabbed Patrick Beverley, who took the ball to the floor. Beverley took a step toward Jokic before going to the bank.

It was Beverley who said after Game 3 that Jokic was making "a lot of thrashing" difficult for officials.


Clippers: Reserve G Lou Williams finished 12th … The Clippers had a 38-22 point lead in the suit.

Nuggets: F Michael Porter Jr. scored 13 of his 15 points in the second quarter. Murray had seven assists.


Rivers tried to find a suitable comparison for Jokic, a center that likes to consider itself a point guard.

"I don't know if there's a comparison. He's got a little bit of everyone," said Rivers. "He's got all the footwork and movements of (Hakeem) Olajuwon, the lanky and … goofy intelligence of Kevin McHale. Shoot man, he's just fine. He's the best passing big I've ever seen I think.

"He's very good and it's very frustrating to watch movies."


Rivers does not see any movement within the bubble as positive in these series. However, he did point out that there is less rest every other day in competitions, which could negate the positives.

"My guess it probably balances it all out," said Rivers. "If you gave a player a travel day and two days, they would probably do that (play) every other day."


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