Kevin A. Dunlap uses his previous history of traveling and living across the globe, years of entrepreneurship, history of training and performing stunts, a few years as a college math teacher, and a logical background from studying math and the sciences to offer clients a unique understanding and useful perspective for growth. 

According to Kevin, “Abundance and scarcity are the opposite faces of the same coin.”

Optimal Performance Academy’s Products and Services Include:

  • Private One-on-One Business Coaching.
  • Group Business Coaching.  
  • Business Kickstarter Basic – 9-week coaching program geared to newer entrepreneurs,
  • Business Kickstarter Prime – 12-week coaching for early to midway entrepreneurs.
  • Business Kickstarter Elite – 16-week coaching for midway to advanced entrepreneurs.
  • Online Training Courses.
  • Business Kickstarter Workshop – 1-Day intensive training for newer entrepreneurs.
  • Profit Accelerator Masterclass – 3-Day intensive training for entrepreneurs of all levels.

Living abroad and in different parts of the US allows Kevin to understand different people and cultures with a unique ability to appreciate and relate to where others are coming from.

5-Star Recommendations Include:

  • “Kevin has a way of showing you how to make incredible changes in your life.” Patrick Snow
  • “Kevin has created a simple process, with great examples and analogies, to powerfully change my life. I can use – and I have – the learnings immediately to make positive changes. It is great that I can apply them in my personal and professional life.” Jenn Lucas

About the Optimal Performance Academy

Optimal Performance Academy is an education and training company aimed at entrepreneurs from different levels of business acumen.  The Academy offers a variety of courses, coaching, and live training programs to educate entrepreneurs who are looking to grow their businesses by taking on more responsibility and learning new helpful skills and skill sets.

About Kevin A. Dunlap

Kevin is a serial entrepreneur since being downsized by Corporate America in 1999.  He developed a variety of talents due to learning different skill sets which include traveling the world with the US Navy, being a college math professor, working as a stuntman and stunt coordinator on small films, running a real estate consulting business for 18 years, being a 4 times self-published author, and becoming heavily involved in personal and professional development.  

He uses this combination of skills to work with people who are looking to become entrepreneurs or to grow their businesses by taking on new roles and challenges.

“All it takes is that one-quarter second of non-hesitation and then you are in the moment,” states Kevin.

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