Conway, AR – KnockOut30 uses technology to constantly track its clients’ weight loss and strength training progress for a fail-proof outcome. They use three main technologies: a Spivi heart rate & calorie monitoring software, the company’s KnockOut30 Nutrition, and a Workout app. The gym also uses the Fit3D Body and Posture Analysis Software to determine if the workout is effective. Through these approaches, they can adequately track calorie intake, physical activity, and nutrition for targeted weight loss and strength training. 

A session of KnockOut30 workouts takes 30 minutes and includes martial arts and boxing. The workouts feature strength training using weights to help the upper and lower body. Members perform between 28 to 30 different exercises targeting different body parts to boost motivation. KnocOut30 aims to improve strength, joint mobility, conditioning, and body fat-to-muscle ratio. Clients experience an increase in balance, reaction times, and core strength as a result of these workouts. 

The fitness center Conway uses the Fit3D Body & Posture Analysis Software for several other purposes. The software monitors whether the client’s food intake is on track and which adjustments they can make for better results. It also monitors the client’s posture to determine how posture changes to prevent pain or injury. The tech measures overall health to ensure clients get multiple starting points to track their progress and waste no time. Clients use the software twice a month alongside other apps provided by the gym. 

Clients can access limitless pre-made menus through the gym’s nutrition and exercise app. The app requests clients’ data to process customized menus that suit their body goals. The ingredients recommended are accessible, making the menus practical, which boosts consistency. In addition, the Spivi heart rate and calorie monitoring system collects data on calories burned, heart rate, effort, and the number of punches during a workout session. These features make workouts fun and accountable. 

KnockOut30 has different membership packages with diverse features. The more advanced the package, the better the tracking resources. The Full Startup package comes with complimentary MMA gloves, a backpack, a towel, a t-shirt, and more. The gym allows all interested persons 2 weeks free to try out the KnockOut30 workouts with no obligations, plus the buddy system provides 20% off when two people enroll together. The gym also has programs for children with a sibling discount. They have developed fun workouts that provide children with skills not taught in sports sessions at school or home.

A quote from the fitness center’s website states this about their services, 

“We have diverse, never-boring workouts to change up your day while boosting your pride and confidence – all in 30 minutes! To make your experience more enjoyable, we added 3 major technologies that strategically make success fail-proof.”

For consultation and booking, contact the staff at (501) 932-2212. Visit the fitness center website for more on the use of technology in KnockOut30 exercises. KnockOut30 is located at 2235 Dave Ward Dr, Suite 304, Conway, AR, 72034, US.

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