Heidi Marston and Nury Martinez

Los Angeles said it will allocate nearly $ 100 million in federal funding to housing the homeless but wants to see the results first before allocating all of the money.

The LA City Council approved $ 30 million of that money Wednesday and will hold the remainder until members are satisfied that the city's Homeless Services Agency is using the funds effectively, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Council Chairman Nury Martinez turned down a staff proposal to approve all $ 97 million, saying the city's homeless services agency should be held accountable for "past underperforming".

According to their plan, the remaining funds will be paid out to the city based on the results of regular LAHSA reports. LAHSA must also provide outreach information and collect performance reports from its contractors.

The money comes from a federal scholarship to support people who are at risk of Covid-19 and who are homeless. As of January, LA County's around 66,500 people were homeless, but that number could have risen in the following months, experts say.

LAHSA also receives money from L.A. County and is responsible for hotel accommodation for the most vulnerable as part of the state-funded Project Roomkey program.

The nationwide program failed to meet its goal of accommodating 15,000 people in LA County. In June, LAHSA proposed a $ 800 million three-year housing program to build bridge houses and finance rental subsidies for equal numbers of people. (LAT) – Dennis Lynch


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