The Los Angeles Lakers wanted to meet up Wednesday night to watch basketball, which is about all they've been able to do lately.

They'll be able to play it again soon enough.

Your competition comes from video games for now. Her superstar is also adept at it, as coach Frank Vogel revealed when asked what he learned about LeBron James that surprised him the most.

"I would say how good he is at Madden football," said Vogel. "I think they played a lot of Madden football, our group did and I hear it is very good."

James won't be able to prove his skills again on the basketball court until Friday, when the Lakers take an extended break in the bladder.

The number 1 of the Western Conference has been waiting for her opponent in the second round. Houston and Oklahoma City played their Game 7 on Wednesday, and the Lakers watched it during a team dinner.

Starting Thursday, the Lakers can work on a game plan for James Harden, Russell Westbrook and the small-ball missiles, or for the more traditional Chris Paul and Oklahoma City attack. Both teams defeated the Lakers during the seeding games, although the Lakers had little to play during the restart until the postseason.

"Both teams have a lot of guns so we're basically focusing on ourselves," said Danny Green, the Lakers' guardian. “We have to keep getting better and being our better selves. When we feel at our best, it doesn't matter who we go with, we feel like we can be ahead of the game. "

The Lakers haven't played since Saturday when they beat Portland in Game 5 to win the series after dropping the opener. It did so after four days off after Game 4 as a player, and the NBA pledged to end the season after Milwaukee Bucks decided not to play a game as a declaration against racial injustice.

So when the Lakers play again, it will only be their second game in eleven days, a long period of inactivity under all circumstances that just keeps growing in the bubble.

"It's really completely out of my control so I'm just trying to manage the time as best I can," said Vogel.

He has done this by having the Lakers basically stick to a training schedule for every other day that the game plan set before the interruption. They had Tuesday off and returned for a full workout on Wednesday. The squeak of sneakers could easily be heard from outside the ballroom being converted into a courtroom.

After that, they had fun singing Markieff Morris and James Happy Birthday for Birthday. They were firing basketballs at the edge at the far end of the court like a quarterback throwing long passes.

Green and fellow guard Kentavious Caldwell-Pope thought the long break would benefit the Lakers and allow players to heal injuries. Vogel said Rajon Rondo, who didn't play at Disney after thumb surgery and back pain, had done both exercises this week and would hopefully be on the rotation on Friday.

But some coaches would prefer not to be gone that long because they know their opponent is at a much better pace.

"I think if you had interviewed all 30 coaches it would probably be 15 and 15 you'd rather have," said Clippers coach Doc Rivers.

The Lakers don't seem concerned. Their defense was dominant for most of the series against a Portland team whose offensive had started rolling during the restart. After getting past Damian Lillard and CJ McCollum, you should be ready to see what guards to get next.

"Queen and CJ are a great backcourt in this league so they gave us a good test of what the playoffs will look like," said Caldwell-Pope.


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