Feeding the 5000 (Crass Records)

Crass has had a major impact on both my approach to text expression and art – at least trying to get around mild conventions. It's strange because I know people would see them as the obvious choice if I could have picked a more obscure "underground" band, but I don't often get the opportunity to talk about their anarchic presentation that borders on pure poetry .

(Great records)

Add to that depth that they probably weren't the most musically developed band in the world and they really throw a wild jumble of contradictions at you. I also like the misunderstandings about them – that they were rabid left-wing, despite the fact that they generally made fun of political labels in general because of the divisions that maintained these labels. In the end, however, they were really a collective in which men and women received the same voice and put many ideas on the table that were probably even a little unpleasant for many who considered themselves to be quite free in their thinking. I love crass. And they would probably have resisted the thought. But since they seem to have encouraged contradictions and the like, I am completely unrepentant.

Napalm Death's new album Throes of Joy in the Jaws of Defeatism will be released on September 18th via Century Media.


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