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Listen before you roll your next joint. An analysis carried out on roll papers showed that at least one heavy metal was present in 90% of the papers tested. And according to the data, 8% of them contained at least one heavy metal in concentrations above the permissible state limits for cannabis products.

Researchers from one of California's premier cannabis laboratories, SC Labs, analyzed samples of 70 roll papers – 25 pre-rolled cones, 20 wrappers, and three cellulose-based papers, all of which were purchased from Amazon and various smoking stores across Santa Cruz.

"It is not surprising that a prevalence of heavy metals has been found in the rolled paper products and should not be viewed as alarming on its own," the researchers noted. "There is a wide range of levels of metal contamination in these products, from relatively low levels to highly contaminated levels."

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While it might be surprising to learn that your roll papers contain metals, it makes sense. Paper is made up of plants that naturally absorb contaminants from the soil in which they were planted. Although roll paper manufacturers are required to adhere to some regulations, including the listing of their ingredients, these are generally less monitored than other products in the tobacco and cannabis industries.

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There is always some harm associated with smoking paper of any kind, so switching to other methods of consuming cannabis is a valid option. Still, if you enjoy your joints, you can still try to keep yourself as healthy as possible by sticking to popular and certified roll paper brands like RAW.

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Avoid buying bleached and thick paper as it will contain more impurities, produce more smoke, and thus cause more damage to your lungs. Also avoid dull envelopes and colored papers. Like anything else cannabis-related, always look for the most natural ingredients.

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