The same day Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes got his Super Bowl ring, he gave his longtime girlfriend an even better one.

Mahomes, 24, apparently proposed to his high school girlfriend Brittany Lynne Matthews, 25, after Tuesday's Super Bowl ring ceremony at Arrowhead Stadium.

Matthews shared a photo on her Instagram story that showed one of the suites in the stadium filled with candles and flowers and a glowing sign that said, "Will you marry me?"

"That happened today," Matthews captioned the photo with a heart and a crying emoji.

Mahomes shared a photo of Matthew's new piece of jewelry – what looks like a giant emerald-cut diamond – with "ring szn" written in the caption of his Instagram story.

The two began dating at Whitehouse High School in Texas when Mahomes was sophomore and Matthews was a junior, the Kansas City star reported. When they started dating, Mahomes was still playing security on the football team and had not yet become the standout man we know him today.

Matthews is a talented athlete herself, playing soccer at the University of Texas at Tyler and later in Iceland for work. Her website and Instagram account show that she is now producing fitness programs.

In July, Mahomes agreed to a historic contract extension with the Kansas City Chiefs after the team won the Super Bowl last year.

Steinberg Sports announced the 10-year deal for half a billion dollars on Twitter. Mahomes' agreement is valued at $ 503 million, $ 477 million in warranty mechanisms and a no-trade clause.

Mahomes is now "the first half-billion dollar player in sports history," according to the agency.

Mahomes was named Most Valuable Player after the Chiefs' Super Bowl win in February, the team's first championship in 50 years. Mahomes, 24, rallied his team in the second half to take the win.

The Chiefs voted Mahomes 10th in the 2017 NFL draft and in 2018 – his first full year as a starter – he was named the League's Most Valued Player.

Earlier this year, Mahomes announced to GQ that he and Matthews had quarantined along with their two dogs in their recently purchased home in Dallas, Texas.

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