Columbia, TN – Dr. Danielle Malin of Columbia, TN-based Premier Foot & Ankle Care is asking her patients to avoid pedicures before their appointments. The foot & ankle specialist says that pedicures can do more harm than good, and those who choose to get their toes painted before their appointment may be disappointed when the doctor removes their polish. Nail polish can hide issues of the nail bed that a podiatrist needs to see to make a diagnosis. 

Patients of Dr. Danielle Malin are asked to avoid getting a pedicure before their foot and ankle pain appointments. Dr. Malin explains that pedicures can have a negative impact on a foot exam. 

Dr. Malin’s first warning is that pedicures may increase the risk of foot infections if done in non-sterile conditions. While she is not against pedicures and believes they can be an excellent way to keep the feet clean and healthy, she recommends patients thoroughly research their pedicure provider before sitting in the spa chair. Furthermore, pedicures may hide a fungal infection, and having the feet freshly exfoliated may also mask calluses, corns, and other issues.

In addition to avoiding pedicures, Dr. Malin also recommends that patients skip shaving in the days ahead of their podiatry appointment. She notes that hair growth on the legs and toes is a good indicator of blood circulation. She needs to evaluate growth rate and patterns in patients presenting with hair loss and blood circulation problems.

Those seeking bunion surgery or treatment for plantar warts are especially encouraged to show up with their feet in their natural state. While the podiatrist appreciates cleanliness and hygiene, she reminds her patients that there’s no one to impress at the office and that certain practices can make it more difficult to get treatment.

In addition to avoiding pedicures and shaving, Dr. Malin says that patients may have a more productive appointment by having their current and past medical history available along with a list of any medications they are currently taking. Having a thorough medical history will allow the foot and ankle doctor to rule out any underlying health issues that could be causing foot and ankle pain.

According to Dr. Malin, certain blood disorders, autoimmune disorders, hypertension, diabetes, and other health conditions can take a toll on the feet. The podiatrist works with her patients to ensure these underlying causes are treated so that podiatric care is most effective.

Premier Foot & Ankle Care also recommends that patients contact their insurance provider to find out if a referral is necessary for podiatry treatments to be covered. Patients may talk with the front office staff to find out about co-pays and for help determining their overall out-of-pocket expenses.

Ultimately, Dr. Malin says that foot hygiene is crucial for the health of the feet. However, while there is nothing wrong with enjoying a pedicure at a clean and reputable salon, she says these are best left for after a podiatry appointment. Those seeking certain services, such as treatment for heel pain, foot fungus, calluses, plantar warts, and more, should wait until after their feet and ankles have been examined before indulging in a pedicure.

Dr. Danielle Malin is a podiatrist based out of Columbia, TN. As the founder of Premier Foot & Ankle Care, Dr. Malin treats patients for a number of foot and ankle-related disorders, including warts, flat feet, Achilles tendinitis, hammertoe, and wound care. Dr. Malin works with patients of all ages and is a proud staff member of Maury Regional Medical Center.

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