Mishawaka, IN – QC Kinetix (Mishawaka) is the go-to clinic for patients who have been told surgery is the only option for chronic pain or those who have tried everything to eliminate pain with no success. The clinic uses regenerative medicine protocols which are natural with little or no downtime.

The clinic has a wide array of natural biologic treatments available for different types of pain. Whether it is pain resulting from sports injuries, arthritis-related pain, joint pain, or musculoskeletal conditions, they have a solution.

Regenerative medicine is a noninvasive alternative to surgery and a better solution than addictive pain medication. It utilizes natural biologics to help relieve pain in various body parts such as knees, hips, lower back, shoulders, elbows, and other joints.

The protocols offered at the clinic work best as part of a full recovery regime and may include rest. When regenerative medicine is combined with traditional treatments patients get the benefits of both. They recover faster and are also less prone to reinjury since regenerative therapy can help strengthen existing tendons and ligaments.

Treatments offered at the clinic are ideal for patients who are in constant pain, weary from the impact of limited mobility, tired of addictive pain medication, and those tired of the emotional and physical toll that pain has on their bodies. The therapies stimulate the body’s natural response lessening inflammation which speeds up recovery.

QC Kinetix (Mishawaka) has a team of experienced providers who offer guidance and support from the moment a patient arrives at the clinic. They offer a 30-60 minute consultation followed by an examination after which they determine whether a patient will benefit from their treatments. The medical providers later discuss all the therapeutic options available and guide the patient to make the most appropriate decision based on their condition. Also, the team is dedicated to maximizing the body’s ability to restore from the inside out for improved function and overall quality of life.

A patient had this to say about the experience at the clinic, “I have had severe chronic pain in my knee for more than 40 years with no hope for relief. I also have a low back injury from 15 years ago which caused severe pain and difficulty walking. Two days after my first treatment I was able to go shopping for 3 hours with no cane and no pain. Four months later I continue to be largely pain-free with an amazing level of mobility.”

QC Kinetix (Mishawaka) is among the over 150 pain control clinics throughout the United States operating under QC Kinetix, a medical franchise that provides customized regenerative medicine treatments including Mishawaka sports medicine.

QC Kinetix (Mishawaka) is located at Edison Lakes Medical Center, 250 E Day Rd, Suite 360, Mishawaka, IN, 46545. To schedule a consultation or to make other inquiries, call the clinic at (574) 766-7246 or visit their website for more information on their services.

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