“Several high profile police reform laws failed to get out of California legislature before the session closed. Some attribute this to law enforcement lobbying and "stalling techniques" that even Kim Kardashian could not overcome. (Los Angeles times)

“Nancy Pelosi, who launched hacking attacks when she got a haircut in an indoor salon before it was technically allowed, breathed new life into the story when she told reporters that the whole thing was a“ setup ”orchestrated by the salon owner. (The Washington Post)

“Reports of unemployment benefits fraud are rampant in California. Residents who have never received the EDD cards they expected find that they have been used by someone else. (Fox 11)

“The person who Trump said he saw“ thugs ”on a plane in“ black uniforms with gear ”could have been Devin Nunes from California. Nunes, who previously tried to sue a fictional cow, allegedly felt "very uncomfortable" on his flight from Salt Lake City to DC. (Daily Beast)

“For the first time in the organization's history, Christopher Street West has named a black transgender woman president. The nonprofit that spawns LA Pride has come under fire in recent years for a lack of leadership diversity. (Los Angeles times)


“An aerial tram could move visitors around Griffith Park, but not everyone has high hopes for the project Conservation activists say the development could permanently damage Griffith Park and its wildlife

»L.A. County now allows the hair salon and hairdressing services indoors The district remains in Tier 1 of the new nationwide system, but salons will receive the OK with reduced capacity

“Dijon Kizzee's shooting by LA District MPs continues to raise questions – and inspire protests Additional videos and testimonies try to reconstruct what happened


Wikimedia Commons

Pilots reported seeing a man with a jetpack flying over LAX – is that even possible?

At around 6:30 p.m. on Sunday evening, pilots directing an American Airlines flight from Philly reported unusual sightings to air traffic control during their approach to Los Angeles.

"Tower, American 1997 – we just passed a man in a jetpack," said the pilot.


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