(CBS Local) – People of a certain age still remember where they were when they first saw "The Karate Kid".

Josh Heald, Hayden Schlossenberg and Jon Hurwitz certainly fall into this category. The three have been friends since high school and have teamed up to create "Cobra Kai" with Ralph Macchio and Billy Zabka. The show tells the story of the lives of Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence over 30 years after their epic fight at the All Valley Karate Tournament. While the makers were excited about creating this new world, they didn't want to tarnish the legacy of their favorite films either.

"We've been friends for over 20 years and bonded in high school and college through things like 'The Karate Kid,'" Heald said in an interview with CBS Local. “We all had separate careers as screenwriters. I did the Hot Tub Time Machine films and they did the Harold & Kumar series. We have kept coming back to Karate Kid in our discussions and our love of film. Streaming has adopted this ability to tell that long, serialized story on any subject. It became more and more likely that something like this could happen. "

After seeing the success of shows like "Fuller House", Heald, Schlossberg and Hurwitz were motivated to create "Cobra Kai". Schlossberg wanted to make sure this was a show that fans of The Karate Kid movies could enjoy with their kids, too.

"Another thing about the original Karate Kid we hooked up with was that it was a melodramatic love story from the '80s," Sclossberg said. “We see a lot of these young viewer shows today, which are different variations of the same thing about love triangles and high school. We liked the idea of ​​doing that and throwing in the karate element. "

One of the things that fans will find most interesting about this show is the portrayal of Johnny Lawrence. While he was known as an enemy for most of the 1980s, Heald and Schlossenberg paint him much more personable and immerse themselves in a world with Mr. Miyagi.

"Everyone has someone in their high school who they thought was a bully," said Schlossberg. “As you get older, you look back and wonder what happened to this person and why they were like that. With Johnny you understand where all this aggression came from. The show tries to put itself in his shoes and it blows your whole world. "

"There's always a balance between whether we're reaching for nostalgia to make us feel good or whether that nostalgia supports the story we're telling," Heald said. "A big part of the story for Ralph's side of the Daniel story is the absence of Miyagi-san. We had to make the void of a world without Miyagi feel effective."

The second season of "Kobra Cai" is now available on YouTube Premium.


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