(CBS Local Sports) – Former MLB pitcher, pitching coach, and expert Tom House has studied the physical mechanics of throwing and the mental training of some of the world's top athletes for decades. With a new app called Mustard, House aims to apply the same techniques and ratings to teenage athletes across the country.

House has been a player, coach or researcher for 50 years and Mustard is the world's first elite exercise app for young athletes. The app enables parents to cater to their children's physical, mental, and emotional needs, and House believes this technology can transform the landscape of youth sports.

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“In the mid-1980s, when I finished my career as a pitcher and devoted myself more to coaching, I began to deal with three-dimensional motion analysis. It was awkward and expensive, but we managed to get around 900 Major League pitchers into the computer, ”House said in an interview with DJ Sixsmith of CBS Local. “We have developed a statistically validated model for exercise efficiency. As a matter of necessity, we realized that recreation is just as important as preparing for top athletes. We dealt with diet, sleep, and all the blood chemistry issues. We can now statistically validate, measure, and quantify biomechanical efficiency, functional strength, recovery, and mental and emotional measurements. "


Based on research by House, 80% of adolescent athletes stop participating in competitive sports by the age of 14. While artificial intelligence and analytics have been available to professional and college athletes for decades, teenage athletes haven't had the same opportunities to learn the intricacies of their bodies and minds. House believes that having access to information will help young athletes perform well and with mental and physical recovery.

"We know that mothers and fathers of pre-puberty athletes have a huge impact on where their children will play," said House. “What we can do with a cell phone is give a mother of an 11 year old Little Leaguer what I would give that 11 year old Little Leaguer with identification of time and point capacity that is age. Specific. If there is a problem we also give them the corrections and drills, as well as all the logs to fix the mechanical errors and condition them properly for their age. We tell them that sodas are not good and will cause you recovery problems. The fear of failure, stress, and nervousness in a game are normal and this is how you deal with it. We enable parents to do the same things that elite coaches and elite athletes do on a larger scale. "

Mustard's first beta launch begins Friday, and the new app features investors like MLB Hall of Famer Nolan Ryan, New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees, and two-time world champion Mia Hamm. House has worked with athletes like Ryan, Brees and Tom Brady over the years and sees a consistent theme with the greats.

"What I've seen is the only common theme I've seen with top athletes in golf, tennis or whatever, is they try to get 1% better every day." When a child comes to us, it can improve by 20% in a weekend. The superstars have one thing every day and the commitment to that excellence to get better every day is one of the reasons these guys are now going into their forties. "

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