CBD has swept America like wildfire and has generated interest not only from the public but also from doctors, pharmacists, scientists, and health professionals.

With the thousands of CBD companies trying to capitalize on this craze, finding the truly best CBD to buy can be a challenge for beginners.

We have compiled a list of questions you can ask when you want to know what the best CBD oil is. To begin with, here are the four non-negotiable points a company must meet in order to qualify for the best CBD oil of 2020:

Best CBD oil tincture – Ananda hemp

After stacking through tons of CBD sites and asking the tough questions, we've made up our mind Ananda Hemp Full Spectrum 600 as the best full spectrum CBD oil of 2020.

Whether you are suffering from pain, stress, or insomnia, this is the best CBD oil to address these issues in a safe and non-addictive way.

This CBD oil from Ananda contains its premium full-spectrum hemp extract, cold-pressed hemp seed oil, MCT oil from sustainable sources and a botanical terpene blend.

Note: Our pick for the best CBD oil is unfortunately not for sale on Amazon – you can buy it directly from Amazon Online shop.

Here are the top six questions to ask when searching for the best CBD.

Is the third party CBD laboratory tested?

This is the most important factor to consider when looking for the best CBD.

Certificates of Analysis (a.k.a. CoAs) should be publicly visible for every product that a company sells. A CoA lists everything a company tests in its CBD, including cannabinoids, terpenes, and contaminants like heavy metals, mold, pesticides, and residual solvents.

Ananda Hemp sends each batch of every product sold to a third party laboratory for quality testing. All packages have QR codes on the back that you scan and instantly see the CoA for the product in your hands.

Alternatively, you can enter the batch number in the field next to the QR code CoA lookup tool on the Ananda website and on every product page. For example, enter the latest lot number (at the time of this writing).19H6140 'and you will be forwarded this page.

If you look carefully you will find that most CBD companies will only test a single batch of a product and then reuse the same CoA for several years (always check the date). In addition, many CBD providers who advertise "laboratory tests" only test for cannabinoids and terpenes – not for toxic substances.

Ananda also has the most extensive testing profile we've seen, literally looking for hundreds of contaminants.

While anyone can claim to have their products tested in the laboratory, Ananda Professional (AH's sister company) is the number one CBD brand trusted by over 4,000 independent pharmacies. Given the rigorous screening process that pharmacies use, this says a lot about the purity and quality these companies offer.

Is it full spectrum or CBD isolate?

The full spectrum is a phrase you will see a lot in the CBD world. The popularity of this term developed from a concept known as the "entourage effect".

The father of cannabis research, Raphael Mechoulam (who first identified a cannabinoid in the human body) invented this idea in 1998 to illustrate the synergy that exists between the hundreds of compounds in hemp, such as cannabinoids, terpenes, fatty acids and polyphenols.

Most of the products on the market contain "CBD Isolate" which, as you can imagine, is only CBD (no other beneficial phytonutrients). While CBD isolate can have some effects, industry experts and scientists agree that full-spectrum CBD doesn't hold a candle.

This study from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem (and this PubMed study) show the full spectrum is more effective than CBD isolate, to quote the research directly:

"In all tests, the isolated CBD was ineffective both before and after a certain dose, while the effectiveness of the full-spectrum solution increased further when higher doses were administered."

Ananda Hemp's parent company, Ecofibre, owns the largest private cannabis seed bank in the world. This gives Ananda hemp the benefit of superior genetics; When combined with ethanol extraction and superior growing techniques, the result is the most nutritious CBD oil there is.

When most other companies sell full-spectrum CBD, it's usually just a cocktail of different cannabinoid isolates.

However, to make authentic full-spectrum CBD oil, you need to use ethanol extraction – there are very few exceptions to this rule.

Ananda hemp CBD oil Contains CBD, CBC, CBDV and CBG (in the same proportions as in the hemp plants) as well as several hundred other nutrients that only apply to hemp (such as cannflavin A and B – classified by scientists as 30 times stronger than aspirin).

Where is the hemp grown?

While many CBD manufacturers import their hemp from overseas, Ananda grows their hemp on generation farms in Kentucky using organic farming methods (although not technically certified).

Not only does importing hemp make CBD illegal under the provisions of the 2018 Farm Bill, plants from heavily contaminated regions such as India and China pose a serious risk to your health.

Ananda hemp is hand-planted, hand-harvested, watered by rainfall and nourished by the sun.

Ananda does not use tractors, irrigation, pesticides, or herbicides. They go one step further to ensure the health and safety of their customers (and the planet) – and even go so far as to be officially “Certified Glyphosate Free” (Glyphosate is the controversial ingredient in RoundUp).

Which extraction method is used – ethanol or supercritical CO2?

This will be common when browsing CBD products. What we found interesting is that virtually every company we encountered uses (and hyped) supercritical CO2 extraction. However, Ananda Hemp uses ethanol extraction – a proven technique that herbalists have used for thousands of years.

Supercritical CO2 extraction uses complicated machinery to manipulate carbon dioxide. Cold temperatures and massive pressure turn CO2 into a “supercritical” state (which exists between a gas and a liquid).

The hemp is then saturated with this CO2; Here's the problem: Supercritical CO2 selects a minimal range of compounds to extract, mostly some cannabinoids, terpenes, and vegetable waxes (which are useless in terms of health benefits). Almost all of the other nutrients that give hemp and CBD its potency are left behind.

While CBD manufacturers often advertise supercritical CO2 extraction as "solvent-free", the truth is exactly the opposite. Toxic petroleum-based solvents are required to remove waxes from the final product (pentane is the most common solvent). This is known as "overwintering".

Ananda's CBD is made with ethanol (as is the entire product line) in their state-of-the-art LEED platinum facility located just a few kilometers from the farmers' fields.

What ingredients does the CBD oil contain?

More and more people are reading the ingredient lists on their food and are shocked at the number of chemicals that are difficult to pronounce.

CBD is no different – it is important to read the ingredients and see what you will be taking. Some examples of things you might find are artificial colors / flavors / sweeteners, preservatives, and unhealthy carrier oils (palm trees, grape seeds).

Ananda Hemp makes it easy – full-spectrum hemp extract, hemp seed oil, MCT oil, and terpenes. 33 quality control points from the seed to the shelf guarantee quality, effectiveness and purity for the end user.

Does the company support clinical research?

Ananda Hemp would not exist without Barry Lambert. After some serious health problems with his family members, Barry and his wife Joy donated $ 33.7 million to the University of Sydney in 2015 to research the therapeutic uses of medicinal cannabis.

Barry Lambert's donation was welcomed for "advancing cannabinoid-based treatments to alleviate human suffering".

In 2016, the Lambert family donated $ 3 million to the Institute for Emerging Health Professions at Thomas Jefferson University to support the Center for Medical Cannabis Education and Research. Their mission is to advance the clinical use of cannabis-derived medical therapies.

In addition, researchers led by Dr. Alex Capano, Chief Science Officer of Ananda Hemp, conducted a study examining the effects of CBD on opioid use and indicators of quality of life in patients with chronic pain.

Dr. Capano and her colleagues studied 131 adults (39-70 years old) who had a documented diagnosis of chronic pain and who had been on opioids for at least two years (many had been on opioids for decades).

Of the 94 participants who used the full-spectrum CBD-rich extract, 53% reduced their opioid use by week eight and 94% reported improvements in quality of life (particularly sleep, pain, and mood). Many participants stated that they had reduced / eliminated other drugs.

To Dr. To quote Capano directly:

“Ananda is committed to conducting scientific research and evidence-based practices in the CBD industry. We work with academic partners to fill the research gaps in this area. We have invested financial and human resources to improve understanding of CBD. In doing so, we recognize that there is a lot of therapeutic potential for CBD, but there are also reasonable and expected limits. We will continue to make CBD products based on efficacy rather than gimmicks. "

While Ananda takes home the award for the best full spectrum CBD oil, we wanted to recognize some outstanding achievements in other categories as well.

Best CBD Capsules – Gaia Herbs Liquid Phyto-Caps®

Gaia's Hemp Liquid Phyto-Caps® contain hemp extract with a full spectrum in the form of a capsule. This CBD is made from organically grown hemp flowers grown in the US and comes from farmers who continue to advocate organic, regenerative farming practices.

Gaia uses a patent-pending ethanol extraction technique that, as we now know, captures and delivers a whole range of cannabinoids, not to mention hundreds of other healthy compounds (like flavonoids and terpenes). These connections work harmoniously and create a strong synergy that is colloquially referred to as the entourage effect.

We also love that 5% of Gaia's organic hemp profits are donated to programs / grants that support US farmers through their Roots Initiative. Gaia hemp extract is quality-tested, vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free and soy-free. Gaia's online traceability tool (Meet Your Herbs®) is a quick and easy way to view lot-specific certificates of analysis. Victory!

Best CBD Theme – 707 Flora Youth Boost Serum

This incredible CBD drug contains a vitalizing blend of Chlorella Vulgaris extract, sodium hyaluronate, apple fruit complex, licorice root extract, a barrier renewal complex (with numerous botanicals) and full-spectrum CBD oil.

You can stimulate collagen production and increase moisture retention with this robust, concentrated serum. Youth Boost's silky texture glides on the skin as it delivers the powerful full spectrum benefits of CBD and fortifies microalgae and natural plant extracts. This formula is a multitasking anti-glow remedy that reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for a smooth and glowing complexion.

Best CBD Gummies – Vitafusion Chill Mood

Containing 12 mg of full-spectrum hemp extract and 200 mg of L-theanine, these gummies offer a uniquely potent soothing formula that is perfect for on the go.

Vitafusion gums are made from hemp from the USA, tested in third-party labs, and contain no gluten, no dairy products, no high fructose corn syrup, no synthetic colors (FD&C), and no artificial flavors. Simple, convenient and effective!


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