Election years have a huge impact on our daily lives, adding to our stress levels, tensions between political parties, and even the number of guns sold. Politics also play a role in dating.

According to a poll conducted by OKCupid, voting is a very important issue for its members. In fact, over half a million members said they would not date someone who did not vote.

OKCupid has broken down the results by state and shown how members feel about important political issues. The results show that 91% of OKCupid female members were registered to vote, compared to 89% of men. The website has also broken down voters by generation, with baby boomers making up the largest percentage of registered voters.

50 percent of users said that the question "Are you registered to vote?" was important to her in finding a match. People signed up to vote are 63% more likely to receive a match and 83% more likely to receive a message. They are also viewed as more likely to be confident, value intelligence about looks, enjoy discussions about politics, be more open to their feelings, and enjoy the taste of beer for some reason.

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Photo by Relevant Design via Unsplash

To encourage people to vote, OKCupid launches a badge and asks users if they are registered to vote. If users select Yes, a badge is automatically added to their profiles. If users select No, OKCupid will open a link on their device that users can use to register.

"More than ever, data will want to connect with people who share its values," said Ariel Charytan, CEO of OKCupid. "Over the past few years, OkCupid's employees have focused more and more on today's most important issues – from climate change to voting rights."

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OKCupid previously published some statistics on politics and how important they are to their members. Many claim that they would not be able to meet anyone from their opposing political party. It's 2020 and it's impossible to sweep politics under the rug.


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